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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-20       Article Source : MacCentral

At a special event in New York City on Wednesday Apple introduced Aperture, which it bills as the first all-in-one post production tool for photographers.” The new application is expected to ship in November and will cost US$499.
Aperture provides pro photographers with a RAW image-based workflow, and features import, editing, catalog, organization, retouch, publishing and archival tools. It’s non-destructive, so photographers don’t have to worry about making mistakes that damage their original images.

Aperture supports the RAW formats

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Posted by inet on 2005-10-19       Article Source : Reuters

Seagate Technology, the largest U.S. maker of hard-disk drives, on Tuesday said that quarterly profit quintupled amid growing demand for notebook computers and consumer electronics such as Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod.
Seagate shares rose 1.6 percent in after-hours trade. The company missed analysts' revenue forecasts, but one analyst said its gross profit margin was better than expected.

"That shows you that their profitability is still intact," said analyst Shaw Wu of American Technology Research in San Francisco.


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Posted by inet on 2005-10-19       Article Source : AdWeek.com

Apple's announcement last week that it was launching a new version of its popular iPod that includes a video screen may have larger ramifications for the media industry beyond the world of consumer electronics. That's because of the potential impact of Apple's deal with Disney to offer five of its shows for sale through Apple's iTunes software, including hits Desperate Housewives and Lost.
This marks the first real opportunity for consumers to buy episodes of premium prime-time shows during the

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Posted by inet on 2005-10-19       Article Source : MacCentral

Spurred by low-priced computers, global shipments of PCs increased more than 17 percent in the third quarter, according to analyst companies IDC and Gartner Inc., which independently released figures from that period on Monday.
Vendor Dell Computer Inc. topped both lists in terms of global shipments and market share, with 18 percent of the market according to IDC and just under 17 percent by Gartner’s figures.

Low-cost and portable systems drove the increase, which occurred in spite of higher

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-19       Article Source : MacCentral

IDG World Expo on Tuesday introduced a new conference feature planned for January’s Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, Calif. Called Market Symposiums, they’re five separate day-long events intended for small business owners, educators, art directors, new media artists and podcasters, respectively.
The Market Symposiums will happen on the last day of Macworld Expo — Friday, January 13, 2006. They run from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and cost $295 for users who register before December 10, 2005.
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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-18   

Personal computer shipments beat expectations last quarter, as low-cost and portable PCs continued to fuel U.S. and international sales.
PC shipments in the third quarter rose 17.1% over the same period last year to 52.8 million units worldwide, market research firm International Data Corp. said Monday. In August, IDC projected the quarter's PC shipments to rise 13.3%.

Rival research firm Gartner, which measures the market slightly differently, said PC shipments rose 17.2% to 55 million units.

Second-tier PC

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-18       Article Source : Reuters

Apple Computer Inc chief Steve Jobs faces a far tougher task wooing film and television producers to create shows for the new video iPod than he did in the music industry as many questions remain over content and pricing, industry executives say.
In the week since Jobs unveiled the handheld iPod, which plays video clips on a 2.5-inch diagonal screen, media and technology executives have been trying to figure out whether people will watch shows on a small screen, what

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-17       Article Source : Reuters

If Apple's new video iPod is as successful as expected in delivering paid programing over the Internet, Hollywood's unions want their share and are worried about being shortchanged on residuals.
Writers Guild of America West president Patric Verrone was the latest to voice these fears, issuing a letter to members Friday that said WGAW and its sister guilds are unwilling to accept the DVD residuals formula, which takes most of the money off the table before sharing a set percentage

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-16   

It plays music. It displays photos. Oh, and you can watch video on it, too. No, it’s not the newly unveiled video iPod—this is the Sony PlayStation Portable. And while the PSP has a very different core function—it’s a portable video game console, first and foremost—the are enough similarities between it and the latest round of iPods to merit a side-by-side comparison.
Big and little

Let’s start with the differences between the PSP and the iPod, the most

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Posted by inet on 2005-10-15       Article Source : Reuters

Apple Computers, the maker of iPod digital music players, has dropped a joint $3.8 billion investment plan in flash chip production of Samsung Electronics, a South Korean newspaper said on Saturday.
"Apple had proposed about 4 trillion won joint investment with Samsung Electronics in the production lines of NAND flash chips used for its MP3 players," a senior Samsung official was quoted by the Korea Economic Daily as saying.

"But as the anti-Samsung sentiment has recently deepened among some

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-15   

Watching videos purchased at Apple's iTunes online store should be a snap for tech-smart consumers.

USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham walks you through the process and answers some common questions:

Q: How would I play a video on the new iPod?

A: Download the latest version of Apple's free iTunes software, iTunes 6.0 (www.itunes.com). The program manages digital media content on your computer and takes you to the iTunes Music Store. Read More...  

Posted by inet on 2005-10-14   

Just 35 days after releasing iTunes 5, Apple on Wednesday announced iTunes 6, the new version of its popular music software, with several dramatic new features including downloadable TV shows and music videos, and the ability to send music and videos as gifts. The announcement came at a special media-only event in San Jose, Calif., along with announcements of new iMacs and new iPods with video capabilities.
“We’re doing for video what we’ve done for music — we’re making it

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-13       Article Source : MacCentral

With the release of the new iPod and upgraded iMac on Wednesday, Apple took what one analyst called “a first step” into the video market. Meanwhile, Apple executives touted the releases as a one-two punch of hardware and software that will allow users to enjoy the same experience with video on their Mac and iPod as they get with music.
“It’s an Apple experience,” Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of worldwide product marketing for iPod, told MacCentral. “The integration, the hardware,

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-13       Article Source : AP

After revolutionizing the way people listen to music with the popular iPod, Apple Computer Inc. is trying to do the same with video.
The company introduced a new iPod on Wednesday that is capable of playing everything from TV shows to music videos.

Citing a groundbreaking deal with ABC Television Group, Apple chief executive     Steve Jobs said video offerings via iTunes will include episodes for $1.99 each of the hit shows "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost," which will be

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Posted by inet on 2005-10-13       Article Source : Mercury News

Apple Computer on Tuesday reported that profit in the latest quarter quadrupled, buoyed by strong sales of     Macintosh computers and ``staggering'' demand for its newest iPod -- but that wasn't good enough for Wall Street.
Shares of the Cupertino company fell more than 10 percent in after-hours trading, after the company's revenues and earnings for its fiscal fourth quarter did not wildly exceed analysts' expectations. The stock slumped $5.41, or 10.5 percent, to $46.18 a share.

``We're thrilled to

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